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In the conduct of this research project, we used specific artificial intelligence tools and algorithms [specific tools]1 to assist with [specific function]2. While these tools have augmented our capabilities and contributed to our findings, it's pertinent to note that they have inherent limitations. We have made every effort to use AI in a transparent and responsible manner. Any conclusions drawn are a result of combined human and machine insights. This is an automatic report generated with © AI Usage Cards
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1replace [specific tools] by the models and versions you used

2replace [specific function] by what parts you used AI for in your work
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Make Documenting AI Easy with AI Usage Cards

AI Usage Cards is a free university service that allows anyone to document AI in scientific works. The cards can be used to provide transparency to ChatGPT, GPT-4, and others in less than 10 minutes, ensuring that you're responsibly using AI-generated content.

Built on Strong Foundations

AI Usage Cards is built on a three-dimensional model that takes into account the transparency, integrity, and accountability of generated content. This ensures that you're reporting AI-generated content in a way that is both responsible and ethical.
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Machine-Readable and Easy-To-Use AI Cards

Our platform is designed to be easily incorporated into any work, and can be generated in less than 10 minutes using our free service. AI Usage Cards are machine-readable and easy-to-use, ensuring that you can report AI-generated content with minimal effort. Similar to model cards and data cards, they can be incorporated easily into your works. Try AI Usage Cards today and see how easy it can be to report AI-generated content! Exports of the AI Usage Card for our whitepaper can be found here. The overleaf template is available here.
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